Automated technology solutions that support healthy air, water and lighting to enhance natural circadian rythyms.

A healthy living or working space provides clean and healthy necessities for living, like air and water.

Smart technology helps us live a healthy lifestyle in ways we might not even realize. Your air and water might have harmful contaminants. Long-term exposure to harmful air has been connected to inflammatory response, oxidative stress, and other systemic effects. Research also suggests that harmful water chemicals, such as lead, arsenic, and PFA's, are present in almost all Americans. Through our design process and product lines, you can be assured your home is getting your necessities in the most healthy way you can receive them.

Clean Water, Advanced Filtration

We specialize in designing whole home systems that help your space leverage Smart Water Technology in three crital areas.

1. Water Quality

2. Leak Detection

3. Water Usage

Smart Lighting

Adjust the lighting around your property to help your system function the best it can through our smart lighting product line. Systems are able to mirror human centric lighting to help improve health benefits through leveraging lighting temperature science.

Healthy Air, Automatically

Fresh, clean air is essential to life.

But we create poor indoor air, every day, by going about our lives. We create carbon dioxide by cooking and breathing, add excess moisture when we bathe, add VOC’s by painting cabinets and using household cleaners, and create dust by vacuuming, petting the dog, and just being human.

Smart Air Quality technology works in the background to help minimize pollutants.


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